New Dumpster Cleaning Company

Biblolotry is a new dumpster wash and painting company designed to dumpster rental companies a resource to clean and paint their dumpsters in a quick way. Nobody likes the ugly, spray painted dumpsters that most commonly associate with looking at a dumpster. Biblolotry has created a custom approach to helping dumpster rental companies quickly clean and paint unseemly dumpsters so the equipment can quickly be put out to make more money for the company.

Biblolotry goes to the dumpster companies place of business after hours, and does a complete scrub down with pressure hoses to ensure the dumpster is sparkling clean. Once the dumpster is completely cleaned, to goes under inspection to see if it needs a new paint job. If it needs a new paint job, or rust needs to be covered with specialty paint, then the team comes back and does a quick drying paint job on the dumpster.

You can check out some of Biblolotry's work by checking out one of the Nation's top dumpster rental companies, EZ Dumpster Rentals. EZ Dumpster Rental and Biblolotry have been working together and both of us are growing at a fast rate with many satisfied customers.

This service is great for dumpster rental companies for two reasons. First, the equipment that they bring to their customers is clean, and better looking than their competition. It makes the company look professional and competent which can help with referrals and growing their business. Secondly, cleaning and repainting their equipment can help the lives of these dumpsters by years. If a company doesn't have to routinely buy new equipment, this can save them thousands of dollars a year. The feed back as been very positive, and we hope to roll out nationwide as soon as possible.